Cassie Chronicles

SHE (an old poem that I wrote in my old journal)

She’s desperate for the love of a man,
So she’ll love any man that is willing to spend a few hours on her.
She’ll be content in an empty moment in the arms of someone with an empty heart.
She’ll leave when she’s told to,
Whenever he doesn’t want to kiss her anymore.
Never is when he calls her,
But she won’t ignore his number in her phone,
And tomorrow night is when she’ll be lonely,
And wind up back at his door.
She’ll be the little spoon,
And he’ll be the big,
And she’ll wipe away a tear that starts to fall,
With the cotton of his sheets.
She knows that he’ll kick her out at sunrise,
When the light shines in the sky,
He’ll tell her ‘goodbye,’
But there’ll be no kiss,
Because that’s where the feeling is,
And he doesn’t have any,
But she has plenty.
And guilty is how she feels about the night before,
The bruise on her neck from his mouth is sore,
While he has no reminders of her to keep him from sleeping,
She knows she’s not the reason for his heart still beating,
So she’ll listen to songs about how she doesn’t know if she’s ever been really loved
By a hand that’s touched her,
And after she gets some sleep,
She’ll feel together,
But when the moon is higher in the sky,
She wants him to love her,
And he won’t say ‘no,’
She’s used as a lover,
After he’s finished,
He’ll insist that she go home.
Her heart will break again,
When she understands what she’s done,
But she’ll assure her friends that he’s been a perfect gentleman.
When a man whose words have meaning
Starts confessing feeling,
She won’t believe him,
Her confidence beaten,
And she’ll reject him,
And complain that there is no one out there willing to treat her the right way,
But he’ll stand up and fight for her,
Make sure he’s taking care of her,
And the other man from before will remain as who he’s always been,
She’ll finally get a taste of what she’s been missing,
She’ll be the little spoon,
And he’ll be the big,
And he will keep her in his arms until the middle of the afternoon